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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hertz & Wegener in Berlin.

Here are some photos of a small collection of Hertz and Wegener embroidery patterns.

It seems that Hertz & Wegener were one of the first German company to start mass producing embroidery patterns on graph paper in 1804. The patterns were printed on graph papers with small black  symbols then handpainted over.

Original patterns are highly collectible, but as you can see from the photos some of them have suffered the ravage of time and the paint is chipped or missing in some areas.

Most of them have the name Adolph Haffner Speyer either written on top, or in a relief stamp on the top. Was it the artist who designed it ?

These geometrical patterns, and borders are perfect for upholstery covers, cushions, carpets, or decorative hems and borders on towels, linens, clothes.

Hertz & Wegener in Berlin


As you can see some of them are quite damaged.

I've re-charted those patterns and they are available as instant download after purchase here :


  1. Lovely! Those would be great framed!

    1. I know a lot of people frame those antique hand painted patterns, but I have a large collection of them + other needlework items so I would run out of wall space.... Ha !

      Who knows, maybe in the furture I will be able to open a small museum dedicated to needlework and have all those lovely antique patterns saved, and available for future generations....

  2. Those are so pretty! I like the geometric designs; they kind of look like stained glass.