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Monday, 3 February 2014

Baby girl sampler

Here are photos of the finished sampler ' Baby girl sampler', stitched by my sister Claire in Argentina.

The sampler was commissioned by a friend who wanted a simple pattern for a little girl with the following rhyme...

'Guardian angel from heaven so bright.
Tenderly guide me for I am thy child'

I usually start by a little ' idea' scribble on regular paper, then transfer my idea to graph paper where I can play a  with the shapes... I know there are some really great computer programs out there that can handle that sort of work, but I still am partial to pen and paper.....

Next comes creating the design in my charting software, then choosing the colours.....

Thank you Claire for the beautiful photos of the embroidery !

Original sketch

Pretty DMC floss, and white linen

The finished sampler

The chart is available here :


  1. What fun to see your work from start to finish :)

  2. I love seeing your process, this is amazing!

  3. That turned out beautifully! So fun to see the whole process!