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Thursday, 19 December 2013

The soldier's life, cross stitch pattern


    Next year the world will commemorate the 100's anniversary of the start of WW1. A sad tale to remember, the war to end all wars was only the predecessor of another major world war, two wars in a row that shook the world, tore through the very lives of all directly or indirectly involved. 

    Being French the wars are hard to forget, every town, village or small hamlet, has two monuments to the men who died from that place, one to WW1, and one to WW2. Most families have stories of their grandfather, or great-grandfather who fought or died in one of those wars.

    I my collection of antique needlework I have an original album with Alpursa chocolate collectible vignettes, one of the sets depicts the life of a soldier. Leaving home, visits, wounded, victorious, returning to his family.

    The style is simple, a bit primitive,  but I found this little set fascinating.

    Let’s forget the nationality behind the uniform, and the reasons for the war, let’s celebrate the human being who was forced to participate in one of the world’s greatest act of folly – War.

    If you have stories, or photos from WW1 that you would like to share with me and my readers you are welcome to contact me at my email :

    Of course, I would also love to see your finished stitched piece of ‘ The soldier’s life ‘

The soldier's life, cross stitch pattern

The original vignettes

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  1. Wow, Virginie....these are really special artifacts. I love them! It IS important to remember the wars and all the lives lost. I'm a Canadian - there are quite a few war memorials to the Canadian soldiers that lost their lives in France, especially.

    Thanks for remembering them here also and in this way.