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Monday, 2 September 2013

Roland-designs around the world giveaway.....

Sajou pansies
    In honour of the 5 th anniversary of Roland-designs ( ), I've decided to do a worldwide giveaway.

    Sajou pansies is a counted embroidery pattern re-charted from a hand painted original Sajou chart in my collection. The original dates from the Victorian era and featured  a bright and cheery pansie posy.

    The chart is professionally printed on thick paper and colour coded for DMC. I've brought most of them to a couple of local needlework supply stores to give to their customers, but kept some to sent to my international friends and fans. I only have a limited amount to send, so they will be given on a first come first basis.

    To receive your free copy simply send me your postal address  to my email. DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS in the comments section of this blog.

   Don't worry I won't keep your address, nor give it to a third party. It will be deleted as soon as it is written on the envelop.

  For those who did not get a chance to receive a paper copy, the chart is now available for download here

   My email is :

Here is a list of the countries Sajou pansies has already been sent to :

La Reunion
South Africa

    On the above picture you can see my own stitched version of Sajou pansies in gros point on canvas with wool and DMC threads. Unfortunately the canvas got a bit distorted and it was hard to frame it in the jewelry box since there was no way to stretch it, the box having being designed to display  a photo not needlework.. Anyways, it still was fun to stitch and I might just have to glue the edge of the canvas to the frame to keep it taut and in place.

The original hand painted Sajou chart

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  1. I have some silk canvas just waiting for this pattern!