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Sunday, 24 March 2013

The rose damask......

Here is another lovely poem from H.M. Ruffs album

Penned in beautiful calligraphy, here is a beautiful poem from a time period when the ideal young woman was represented as demure, and modest.

A quick search through the internet to see if I could find more information about this poem, or who wrote it showed a lot of similar ‘ damask rose’ quotes, poems and such but none similar to this one. 

Perhaps it has been forgotten with the passage of time…..

Rose damask
The rose damask, or the lilies white,
Whose charms beam forth unsullied to the sight,
More lovely and enchanting cannot be
Than is the blush of female modesty.

Have you not marked the pearly drop of dew
Reposing on the leaf when morn is new,
In varied hues reflecting back the ray
That streamed resplendent from the king of day.

Thus, with modesty endued, the female min
( Still more when in a beauteous form enshrined )
Reflect with added lustre virtues rays,
And brings to female worth renewed praise.

The mountain flower breath not a pure air,
Than ever dwells around the modest fair;
The rolling sun a lovelier scene never views
Than beauty’s cheeks  when touched with blushing hues.

Signed Stranger, and a date at the bottom written in a different handwriting :
Basso Sept 17 th, 1833

Beautiful penmanship, there are a few spelling mistakes, but maybe they spelled English a little differently back then ?

Signed Stranger twice - ?


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