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Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Berlin woolwork patterns

     I've added two new patterns to my collection.... I am rather pleased to have bought one of them for only 1.00 Euro..... of course, that was a lucky catch as recently I have seen hand painted patterns selling for ridiculously high prices, and sellers starting bidding far too high for my taste.

    It is hard to say what a chart is worth, as really they are not exactly unique works of art. The  patterns were printed on the grid, then hand painted, a form of mass producing for its time, something that made William Morris the brain behind the arts and craft movement turn up his nose at the popularity of the wool work embroidery craze.

    I would say large patterns in good condition, with the name of the company + artist are worth more than scraps that were cut from larger sheets, damaged one, common ones, or those dating from after the 1860's, and certainly any charts that were lithographed.

   Of course, those patterns are very much sought after by collectors right now, but the popularity could shift so it might not be wise to over speculate as to their actual worth.

     What I would love to see ( or acquire ) are Walter Scott novels inspired woolwork patterns..... I have seen finished embroideries, but to find a pattern would be a collectors dream come true. 

Berlin woolwork charts - Hand painted.


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