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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hunting lodge Berlin woolwork

    I recently added a new antique embroidery to my collection. It is a pretty little woolwork embroidery of a hunting lodge, with two deers in the foreground.
    The stitches are not all facing the same way, so I presume this was not worked by a person who had a lot of experience.... maybe a child ?

    At one point it must have been framed as you can clearly see the nail holes around the canvas.
A bit grubby and rough, but still a lovely antique piece.

Woolwork embroidery



  1. A really lovely piece, I hope you are going to chart this one. I like it more than the deer with the castle chart that you have. Just not so sure about the antlers growing on top of the roof or is that supposed to be branches?

  2. Interesting find! The antlers in the roof are a bit out of place. :)

  3. Possibly a child attempting to create a bit of texture, particularly on the columns and the lake. I know I did the same when I was nine years old on my first large woolwork. I wanted to make the girl's dress exotic, so alternated the directions of the stitches on the hem lines. Looked pretty disastrous, though, and I never tried it again.
    This one looks to have had the same intention.

  4. I think the antlers on the roof are supposed to give the impression that it is a hunting lodge, but of course it is a bit out of place.

    This month I've been busy with preparing items for a magazine, but it is going to be charted as soon as I have time.

  5. This is really beautiful and I'm glad to hear you will be charting it! I have been enjoying your blog!