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Monday, 4 June 2012

My great grandfather

   I always knew that my great grandfather Edgar had a hair salon in Dunkerque before the war, but it was destroyed in the bombings during WW2.

   Last week while my mother was visiting her family, her brother found an old box with photos that had not been seen in decades.

   So here is the photo of my great grandfather in front of  his Dunkerque hair dresser salon, he never returned from the war. It is believed he was among prisoners in a train wagon, who were all shot when the Germans where fleeing in front of the advancing allies.

    The next photo is the hair salon my great grandmother opened in a small Village south of Paris, where she found a new home for herself and her two little girls after they lost their home and business in the North.

    The salon is now the kitchen of my great aunt, the house having belonged to my step-great grandfather... I still remember him vaguely, the old man who lived upstair and had used a cane to walk around his garden.

My great grandfather - Edgar

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