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Saturday, 7 August 2021

Roland-designs news - August 2021


Preserving our needlework heritage

Dear friends of Roland-designs
I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful summer holiday.

This is the second summer that we have had to be tourist in our own country, and despite the fact that I missed being able to visit my family in France, it has also given us the opportunity to explore, discover and enjoy the beautiful nature we have right here where we live.

The holiday has also given me the chance to finish up a couple projects, one of which was the needleroll I talked about in the May newsletter. Needlerolls are quite simply a decorative pin cushion, you can make them out of anything, small projects (those freebies that come with cross stitch magazines), little embroideries you aren’t going to frame, or as a way to use up leftover pieces of linen or aida.

You can find a  detailed tutorial on the blog: Needleroll

I also took the time to make a small video where I discuss the four main reasons why I personally love, and collect samplers.These are my four reasons, but maybe you have different ones and I would love to hear about them. You can comment directly on YouTube,  or send me an email at:

And while we are on the subject of samplers, I am proud to announce that I have a new reproduction for you, this time it’s a German sampler stitched in 1895.
Within the coming weeks it will be back to work and school for us in Norway, and with it comes that time of year when I design and prepare the yearly Christmas ornament. I have a couple ideas and haven’t decide yet…. So, if you have a preference or idea, do take contact and let me know.
Wishing you all a wonderful month of August.
With care
Virginie Lykins

Free pattern and tutorial available here:

Bertha Richter Oltern sampler

146 x 145 stitches
Available on the website, ETSY and Markerist.

About a month ago the Roland-designs website changed server, and while most of the site was unaffected, some features have changed or gone out of synch. I will be slowly working my way through the website, combing it for errors and updating it. Please let me know if you experience any problems, with the site or it’s content.

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