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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Knitted mermaids

     My 11 year old daughter - Emilie has been knitting up a storm recently. She is quite fascinated with mermaids, and the ocean so it was no surprise when she decided to knit a mermaid. But to my amazement she not only knitted a mermaid, she also knitted a merman and all from her own imagination.

    Now, she is using up all her leftover yarns to knit little purses. She wants to have an etsy shop like I have and sell her knitted items, but of course she has to be a little older for that. She did say she would be happy to trade them for 10,- noks ( about 1.20 $ ), or a ball of yarn each.... though she has been known to accept a bar of chocolate for payment.

     If anyone wants one of her little knitted bags, just let me know.

Emilie and her knitted mermaid

A closer look at the mermaid

Mermaid and merman getting married

Little knitted purses


    After a catastrophic knitting mess..... I decided to cheer myself up by doing something I'm actually good at, a little cross stitch project.

    I finally stitched up the little kit that my friend Orysia had sent me for Christmas.

    Orysia, unlike me is a very good knitter and has her own Folksy shop:

    Thank you Orysia !

...... about the knitting mess.... I've been knitting a sweater for my Papa since Christmas. Now, I'm not a very fast knitter and often knit in the evening when I'm a little tired, so I made a couple mistake. I had to take the knitted piece of my round needles to unravel a bit, and fix the mistakes ( a missed stitch that had run unoticed, and a purl in the middle of the knit ) when I  stretched out the half knitted sweater I realised it was HUGE ! It seems Norwegian XXL is sized to fit giants !

     So that sweater will have to be started again from scratch, and this time in a size or two smaller......

Wee wool sheep keyring

All finished !

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