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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015, EU VAT law for digital items, Roland-designs registered.

Happy New Year 2015

    2015 is going to be a special year, there are many new changes on the horizon some of which I am looking forward too, others not so much.

    Let’s start with the good news ! 

    Roland-designs was a small project I started in 2008 while I was still a stay-at-home mom with small children, I had no  business plan and mainly wanted to share my passion for antique needlework. Six years later Roland-designs is still going strong, with new patterns released on a monthly basis.

    After attending a government course for small business owners, and studying the different rules and regulations I decided to take the leap and register Roland-designs as a business.  I’m really looking forward to growing the brand and have many new ideas for original embroidery projects. The downside will be having to fill out tax form several times a year, and since I have no experience in accounting this will be a challenge the first few times… though I believe anything can be learned.

    Roland-designs is registered in Norway as a sole proprietor business (Enkeltpersonforetak) Organisation number: 914637228

    Now, the not-so-good news for EU members.

    As of midnight the 1 st of January 2015, EU customers must pay their country’s VAT for instant downloads of digital wares. That means not just music, or e-books, but also my  cross stitch patterns.

    The law was decided on years ago, but no one knew much about it till sometime in November bloggers, and private business owners started to be made aware of the colossal negative impact this law would bring  to their micro business.

    From what I understand the law was designed to make big companies pay the rightful tax, and stop cheating by for example registering in Luxemburg!  But in the process of making the big boys pay their taxes every small entrepreneur was caught in the tangled net of VAT, taxes and registering. 

    Traditionally you could run a micro company, or hobby business and not register till you had reached a minimum threshold. But the new EU law makes no differentiation between for example Itunes, and the little grandmother who sell her knitting patterns on ETSY or folksy.

    As far as I know, the VAT is only applicable for digital items sold as instant downloads, not those attached to an email. So I am not changing anything on my site yet, but my ETSY shop will be affected since it offers instant downloads.

    I and many other ETSY sellers are still waiting for the tools to add the needed VAT at checkout for EU customers. So you can expect slightly higher prices for my patterns on ETSY….. though it shouldn’t be too much more.

    Here are some article about the new law:


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  1. Your work is well worth the added cost. This is one customer you will not lose.