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Monday, 26 May 2014

Meet a Norwegian knitter.

This month I have been very fortunate to work through the ETSY SEO school program, with a talented etsy artisan who specialises in handknits.

 I would like to introduce you to Hilde.

Here is a little bio in her own words:

' Hello, and welcome to my little one-woman enterprise here in my home in rural Norway. In my shop you will find an assortement of knit and crochet winter accessories such as mittens, socks and hats, all nice and warm woolies for that coldest time of the year.

Sometimes I also like to make other things, like cross-stitch Christmas cards or some "funky chicken" egg warmers for easter. Just watch and see what pops up!

Ever since I was little I've loved to do various arts and crafts, and when my aunt taught me to knit when I was about five years old, that soon became my favourite. Like many others, I started by making simple scarves and blankets for my dolls. As I grew up and learned more techniques, my projects got more advanced.
For many years my projects would become gifts for my family, but after a while that "market" was pretty much filled up. In 2001, I joined the local crafting society, Lørenskog Husflidslag, when I learned that a group of their members were running a small gift shop selling their handmade products. My woolies have become quite popular over the years.
When I discovered Etsy in December 2013, I immediately opened my own shop here. I think Etsy is a great way to reach even more customers, not only in my own country, but all over the world.
Norway isn't the only country with cold winters, right? :)

Hilde :)

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