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Saturday, 26 May 2018

More knitted mermaid

I wanted to share with you some photos of Emilie’s latest knitted mermaids. As many of you know, my 13 years old daughter is an avid knitter and has knitted quite a few mermaids and dolls in the past couple years.

She doesn’t follow any patterns, just her fantasy and the yarn she has available – many of it gifts from friends and admirers ( Thank you all so much ! )

Her newest mermaids have a little twist – The tails come off to reveal a set of legs. A clever little idea which gives more play possibilities, since we all know that all mermaids dream of legs and feet so that they can go ashore and find a human prince.

I’ve been asked before, and “No !”, Emilie is not allowed to sell her mermaids, or other knitted items until she is older

Two cute little knitted mermaids

The tails can come off.

Aren't they cute ?

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