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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Bullet journal / agenda / planner - Five diary challenge

First page of  'Some lines a day'
A little over a year ago I was introduced to the bullet journal concept, being a schedule/ list  making/diary keeping fan the idea interested me.

I checked  it up online, and after reading on the original website about the concept of keeping a detailed, but short sentenced to-do list. I kept looking around and found all those beautiful, Instagram and pinterest perfect pictures of beautiful pages filled with calligraphy and washi tape.

So I bought a Leuchtturm1917, some pretty washi tape and a set of fine tip colorful markers.
Fast track to a year later.

I tried several different layout, and found out that decorating your weekly page is hard to keep up with. But, the notion having of my weekly plan in a notebook, instead of a printout on the fridge like I had done for years was a great way of keeping track of all those little domestic details such as meals, and clean up.

Now I found a layout that works for me, and by using only one page per week I should be able to make my new leuchtturm last two years instead of one.

Leuchtturm1917. The classic A5 diary, and Some lines a day

A little peek at my weekly page

New challenge

While looking on Ebay at antique books, I found one listing for an old 1930’s five years leather notebook. As things often do, it pricked my curiosity and I researched the idea a bit more. Unlike regular diary keeping, the notion was to write one short sentence each day for 5 years. The popularity of those challenging notebooks has not waned, and there are many printing houses that offer their own version of the Five year diary, or One line a day.

Fearing I might need more space than one sentence I settled for the Leuchtturm version, one reason being the quality of the notebook which will have to tag along my adventures for the next five years.
Now the big question…. Will I be able to keep it up ?

Empty page......

My beautiful fountain pen was purchased on ETSY many years ago, and is decorated with a lovely polymer clay design of flowers and butterflies by the talented Toni Ransfield.

Check out her shop here:


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