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Monday, 23 March 2015

Featured etsy seller - Sweet Vintage Lady
     My name is Gladys and I live in Central Florida (United States) close to Mickey Mouse’s Disney World. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico from Cuban parents so I speak Spanish and English. I’m a full time mom to a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old girl. I'm the owner of Sweet VintageLady, an online fashion boutique on Etsy. 

    Selling on Etsy came as a deep need I had to still grow professionally while I took time off from traditional employment to raise our children at home. While I was expecting my firstborn in 2010 I dreamed of becoming a business owner and had an incredible mentor and friend that had been successful on Etsy selling handmade crochet baby hats and cocoons. She instilled in me a deep desire to explore my own talents and passions to see if Etsy could be a good opportunity for me.

    My parents left Cuba in the 1960’s and came to Puerto Rico empty handed. Together they built a successful clothing business from the ground up by knocking on people’s doors. My childhood is full of warm memories of my mom and dad buying and selling clothes. I can't help but feel nostalgic now that I am able to continue their legacy by offering clothes as well. Instead of selling new clothing like they did, I decided to give a second chance to vintage pieces by giving them a new life. Instead of knocking on doors, the magic of the internet would bring me directly inside people’s homes.

    I opened Sweet Vintage Lady in 2011 and slowly started offering items that I found interesting and unique. With the help of my husband, who is the store photographer, Sweet Vintage Lady has been slowly taking shape.
Sweet Vintage Lady has helped me grow and in the process, new possibilities have opened up for me. Prior to opening the store I had never dreamed of learning to sew, but then my mother in law graciously gave me her precious vintage Bernina sewing machine and an awesome teacher taught me how to use and love it. Now I can alter outdated pieces to turn them into the clothes that any woman can wear and enjoy. My future goal is to begin developing a whole line of repurposed vintage fashion. 

    My biggest reward is learning about the emotion and experiences that my customers have with the vintage pieces from my shop. I once found a vintage custom made purse with pictures of Hupmobile cars. It belonged to a family who had a 1927 Hupmobile. I was able to sell it to a customer in New Zealand who also owned a Hupmobile car and collected related items. His wife was planning on using the handbag at a Hupmobile car show. I was also able to “reunite” a lovely 1950’s women’s suit sold at a famous Detroit department store that is no longer in business with a lady who belongs to the family that owned that store. Did I mention her last name was the same as the label on the suit? How cool is that! History is still alive through vintage clothing.
People often ask me what kind of styles and material I like to work with. 

    I love vivid prints, florals and especially enjoy selling vintage Hawaiian clothing. I also like natural materials like cotton and wool. 

Our store website and blog is

There we link all our products to Etsy. I am also on Instagram as

Vintage plaid mini dress multicolor rainbow sleeveless style
Teddy bear apple novelty print dress mini babydoll sleeveless style Kawaii fashion

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