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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What we did on rainy days.....

    It's the school holiday, and I found myself home with four bored children during several days of sporadic heavy rain.

   When I was little my Papa always said rainy days were painting days.... but I do remember being told not to paint or draw on the walls... but now I am older, have little ones to raise and own my own house - or at least have artistic license when it comes to my hobby room.

   The hobby room was just a bare concrete 'extra' storage when we bought the house, slowly but surely we are changing it into a crafting/hobby/office... though at times it looks more like a test room for exploding legos creations. Especially since we have the kitten camping in the tool room next door till the dog and other cats come to the understanding that kitty is here to stay.

    As many would understand, there is no extra time, or cash available at present to invest in a total renovation. Building a proper wall, changing the DIY electrical fixtures, new window, a real door, and adding floor heating, and so on would be ideal... but no time for that now.

   I did find some old buckets of white/off-white paints and put them to good use by painting the half started wall and door, then since it was rainy after all- I let Emilie paint a portrait of Moumousse on the wall.

   The cat being high on the children's best friend list, there are other portraits adorning the playroom, and Alain made the kitty a playhouse out of an old box and some blue paint.

Half started, half finished wall and door - Should be torn down and done professionaly...but that can wait awhile.

Emilie painting Moumousse's likeness on the wall

Still looks like a barn, but at least is white and clean. Thank you Esther for the sign ' The best antiques are old friends !'

Moumousse by Emilie

That's right kitty, pounce on that old sock !
On the other side, is my ' office', though I still prefer to work on the kitchen table where I can enjoy the view, and have my coffee pot handy.

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