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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bohemian chic necklace.

   After years of making jewelry, I ended up with a lot of ' odds&ends', mis-matched pearls, and leftover gemstone briolettes.

   I was wondering a bit what to do with all those little bags containing a single pearl, or a couple gemstones. Then I though about how colourful spring is with all those flowers growing everywhere, the weeds and cultivated blooms adorn our garden and the explosion of colours and hues is spectacular.

   Then I thought...

' Why not gather all those bits-and-pieces, string them on a silk cord and see what happens.'

    So here is my first Bohemian chic necklace, 136 cm continuous necklace created with leftover pearls and gemstones....

  The necklace is available here :

I just threw everything together and picked up pearls at random.

This is how I take my photos, on my kitchen table since this is where the natural light is at it's best.

So many shapes, and colors.....

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