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Friday, 2 May 2014

1 st of May

' Hail, hail the 1 st of May ! '

  The 1 st of May this year was sunny, and bright. So we packed all the kids in the car and took a little trip the the Borrehaugene, a national park that is actually an ancient Viking cemetery.

   Spring came early this year, so there was a carpet of lovely flowers, green grass and leaves on the trees.

Emilie, Alain, Roland and Rosy in the back.......seems like not everyone is as exited about a trip to the park -Ahem !

See the mounts, each one had a Viking VIP buried inside...note the stone mount in the left hand side.

Some of the mounts are really, really big.

Alain posing on top of a big - Viking grave !

Borrehaugene 1st May 2014

A little buttercup

Wild violets

Here you can run, and play and shout and it doesn't bother anyone...... at least that is what we told the kids....

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