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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A creative process - Crochet jewelry

    Here are a few photos showing the creative process for creating crochet jewelry.

When the crochet piece are done, I am left with a lot of small threads that require careful threading into the back of the motifs.

Finished with tucking in the threads, and adding a few pearls on some pieces.

Some finished items.


  1. So lovely! :-)

    Lots of love from Germany,

  2. I love process photos--these are fascinating! And the finished products are lovely, too!

  3. Gorgeous! The necklace is my favourite!

  4. that's pretty clever. i have crochet jewelry on my to do list and i haven't gotten to it yet. that's some great work and great photography, too!

  5. This is beautiful! You have an amazing gift!

  6. When I started designing my own crochet jewelry I decided that it would have a slight modern twist to it... in other words that it would not look too much like a doily, or sweater edging. That is why I add chains, pearls, etc.. and mainly use the crochet pieces for motifs / pendants.