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Friday, 23 August 2013

Latest news / Borre park.

    I know it's been a while since I've posted a new post, the reason is I've been very busy with several projects.

    The first big project which is in the works, is planning and preparing all the little surprises for coming 5th year anniversary of Roland-designs online. It does feel wonderful to have a little website last that long... but more on that later.

    The next big project is the September mentor month on ETSY. A short while ago I created an ETSY team for sellers who create hand-made items and who sell from Norway, our team was recently invited to participate in the Mentor month. We are all very exited about it, and are looking forward to not only upgrading our shops, but also helping and promoting each other. Norwegian craftmen (and women) are talented, meticulous and come from a country with old traditions where handmade, and especially hand-knit is still very much alive.

    Again, more on that later....

    Here are some photos I wanted to share with my readers. A couple weeks ago we took a little Sunday trip to the Borre Park, a protected area that boast 7 large Viking burial mounts, and at least 25 small cairns.

    Now, we have been there many times, and I was looking for something new to photograph. When the children decided to look for shells, and pretty stones near the water I started to take photos of the crystal clear fjord water, and the little wild flowers. How I wish I had time to pull out the aquarelles and paint, it’s been a long time since I’ve touched a paintbrush and recently I have felt the urge to start again….

Looking for shells

Pretty little flowers

Crystal clear waters

Of course, for boys like Alain it is very interesting to see 900 years old Viking grave....imagine, a king or warrior was burried there.

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