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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Flowers are blooming...

     Flowers are finally blooming in my garden, but the long and cold winter with a late frost did it's worst and many plants are dead.

     Being French I am no expert in Nordic gardening and have had a lot of frustrating experiences with plants who did not survive the cycle of the seasons. And yet, the weeds are immortal, they survive anything, grow strong, are not eaten by slugs, and unfortunately grown three times faster than the spring bulbs, and the grass. Maybe I should professionally grow dandelions, and nettles ! They are edible anyway.... Perhaps that is the best solution for my kitchen garden. Ha !

Pretty tulips

Emilie loves to help with the watering

     With flowers on my mind, I'm also adding silk flower barrettes in my A Nordic Rose shop.

     I'm experimenting with two different techniques, one is sewing the petals together, and the other is gluing them one by one. I'm looking to perfect the art, as I'm rather fond of pretty hair accessories..... and really wish I was a bit braver about wearing them in public. My favourite hair clip that I have used for years, is a simple black ribbon bow that I cut out of a top and glued to a French barrette. That was my first try at making my own hair accessories and for some reason I never developed the skill.... but, now it seems that barrettes will be on my regular  ' To Do ' list for good.

Purple hydrangea

Blush pink hydrangea

Pink mini roses

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