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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Porcelain inkwell

   For our anniversary my husband got me a beautiful mid 1800's porcelain inkwell. 

    The top part features a lady and gentlemen enjoying a cup of tea, while underneath is a little inkwell, and sand holder, both of which have never been used. I don't think it was ever meant to be a functional inkwell, just a decorative novelty item, probably designed to be given as a gift or token of affection. Such as my husband did for our 12 th anniversary.

   Antique porcelain is always hard to find intact as it is so easily damaged, this piece has of course some scuffs, missing bits and paint, and places where it has been mended. But overall it is a charming little item and such a sweet, romantic little scene.

    Underneath it has a simple marking, which we would love to know more about.

Mid 1800's porcelain inkwell

Lovely hand painted details

The little compartment under the figurines
Removable sander and ink container

Inscription : 110 VII

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